and creativity

The concept that art and science can come together to form a combination resulting in progress in both fields is now forging a place in today’s culture. Creative souls and researchers alike are witnessing an ever-increasing enthusiasm in the subject. Yet finding a space in which to collaborate, and establishing a common language with which to communicate are challenges to say the least, particularly when the two fields are separated by both institutions and academies.
We want to conceive, invent and create these spaces for reflection and action. Spaces where concrete boundaries can be broken down, spaces that are designed to encourage an interchange of methods, questions and techniques, and perhaps, spaces where methods for new kinds of research can be invented.
We are working on both small and large scales in our efforts to integrate this practical and cultural interchange into the way that we comprehend the construction and spread of knowledge.

We put a particular emphasis on the way that art allows a step back in terms of view-points on the world, that is opens the doors to personal relationships with knowledge, and to reflections on researchers work. We therefore favour art-science activities that question and strip science bare to art forms that aestheticize it. Through art, the role of imagination in science is also challenged. As such, the group is particularly interested in popular art forms and narration, such as mainstream film, theatre and poetry.

For both specialised professors and curious members of the public alike, "understanding is inventing!"