The project

This project intends to bring groups of 3 people including young people and disabled people to use the digital resources of their area to imagine, create and build concrete solutions answering to a difficulty expressed by the disabled person in the group.

The targets

1.    Connecting the digital and technical creativity innovative locations with the public visiting local institutions (young people and disabled people) as well as the people working to create a local dynamics.
2.    Allowing young people that are far from digital innovation locations to reclaim technology through an active solidarity, making them actors of their local environment
3.    Integrating young people and disabled people in a creative community

The methods

It is important to our association that the people participating to its activities get a gratifying and empowering experience of science and technology. We have learned that when it comes to scientific concepts appropriation, it is not so much about access to scientific knowledge, but about creating or fostering interest for it, about bringing meaning to its acquisition. It is the same for education to the digital world: learning it has to go with a personal meaning given to it by the learner. This is what we are offering in the E-Fabrik’ project: to give a meaning to the development of a digital literacy through social connections.