“Energies” exhibition


The project

n collaboration with the Universcience team, TRACES has developed the museography for this permanent exhibition at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, from the concept and the establishing of its contents right up to the creation of some of its elements. The aim of the exhibition is as follows:

The growth and demand of energy have been constantly stimulated by the evolution of lifestyles and economic development within societies. As such, today we face a four-sided challenge:
-    Demographic growth
-    The development of emerging countries
-    Climate change brought about by the uncontrolled use of fossil fuels
-    The depletion of some non-renewable energy sources (in particular oil and natural gas)

Which energy sources can we draw upon to face these challenges? And under what conditions? Is it possible to use energy more efficiently and to save it? Do we have enough time to wait for scientific discoveries and innovations to be made to change this situation? How long may that take?

The targets

•    Develop an innovative museography to broach a controversial socio-technical issue
•    Show visitors the close ties that link science, technology, politics and society

The methods

We have worked in close collaboration with museographers and a cutting-edge international technical scientific museography team, to provide the project with the fundamental principles of the work done at Traces. Overall this approach offers the visitor the opportunity to simultaneously broach scientific, technical and societal issues surrounding the future of energy. The project has also been shaped by the concept of a wholly interactive choice, allowing visitors to voice their opinions and make their own decisions.

Our team