Events on sociotechnical controversies

The project

As a specialist in establishing dialogue on the theme of sociotechnical controversies, Traces works alongside businesses to help them create spaces for deliberation and scientific information. The association organises or hosts meetings and conferences within the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Espace des Sciences at the ParisTech ESPCI, or likewise at the very heart of the company itself.
Its mediators moderate these meetings and employ original techniques to encourage participators to discuss sociotechnical controversies. Whether conferences or theatrical performances, round-table events or presentations and debates, these events throw a focused and expert slant on often very complex issues.

The targets

•    Organise or lead conferences and study days centred around controversial scientific issues
•    Draw social concerns into debates on technological innovation
•    Clarify notions such as precautionary principles, sustainable development, CSR and risk perception
•    Help industrialists to develop their concerns regarding the image of their activity in the endorsement of their responsibility towards society

The methods

To meet these targets, all of our unique projects are constructed in collaboration with our partners. We offer advice on formats, locations and contents, mediating and coordinating all necessary logistical and technical aspects. We can produce a print and digital version of a summary note upon request.

•    Bayer. Round-table event and theatre piece: The Precautionary Principle. 2014.
•    Union des Industries chimiques (UIC). Leading a study day: Scientific meeting of the health-environment commission: Endocrinal disrupting property. 2013.
•    Fixience. Round-table event and theatre piece: The artificial uterus. 2013.