Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science


The project

KiiCS (Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science) is a three-year co-creation project that aims to build bridges between arts, science, technology and companies. Within the framework of the KiiCS project, TRACES and ESPGG have developed workshops to create narratives based on science.

Following the method suggested by Michel Gondry in the ‘Usine de films amateurs’ (amateur film production), "Raconte ta Science" (Tell your Science Tale) workshops involve teenagers, doctoral students from the ESPCI (Parisian Higher School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry) and a movie director, in a creation process focused on a cutting-edge scientific theme. Via the production a short-fiction film, teenagers get a chance to make this knowledge their own.

The targets

•    To offer a gateway into science via storytelling
•    To prove that fusing creative and scientific approaches has a positive impact
•    To encourage young people to engage in scientific activities
•    To support entrepreneurship and help young people to have faith in their own abilities
•    To focus objectives around an "empowerment" stance that is based on the expectations of young people with regard to this activity (Why did they participate? What is their goal?), as well as the expectations of the workshop organisers (Why did we do this activity? What do we expect from this dialogue?).

The methods

The first stage is for the college students to give us their stance on a scientific theme that is tackled before meeting the doctoral students. Following this meeting, they create a story that they then direct as a film. An iPad is used to shoot and edit the scenes.

EU, FP7.