“Of transportation and men” exhibition


The project

Taking a sociotechnical stance as both citizens and transport users, this exhibition broaches the topic of mobility. It allows us to focus on the evolution of individual and collective means of transport, technical innovation, attitudes towards the environment, whilst highlighting the challenge of our own mobility.
Working alongside the Universcience team, TRACES has developed the exhibition’s museography, from the concept and establishing of the contents right up to the creation of some of the elements.

The targets

•    To develop an innovative museography to deal with a complex sociotechnical issue
•    To show visitors the close ties that link science, technology, politics and society
•    To aim at creating a transport exhibition that does not just focus on the machines we use to get about, but also the reasons behind why we travel

The methods

This exhibition has been carried out under the same framework as the Energy exhibition. They are actually two components of the same project on innovation and sustainable development. We have worked in close collaboration with museographers and a cutting-edge international technical scientific museography team, to provide the project with the fundamental principles of the work done at Traces. This approach expresses the decision not to limit the issue of transportation to a techno-scientific context, but to interpret scientific and technical progress within a framework of both societal demands and an anthropological analysis of mobility.

Our team