Professionalisation in Learning Technology and Science


The project

A two-year project supported by the European Union Lifelong Learning programme, Pilots – Professionalisation in Learning Technology and Science, was launched in November 2008.
The main objective of Pilots was the implementation and assessment of training units to promote the role of explainers in lifelong learning in science, with a particular focus on the emerging needs of explainers in response to the requirements of adult learners: to facilitate dialogue and discussion, deal with sensitive and controversial issues, take into account differences and offer a modern-day view of research.
Traces was in charge of assessing training and the project.

The targets

•    Ensure both the quality assessment of science communication trainings and the development of the Pilots project as an external assessor
•    Contribute to the development of a training plan capable of taking into consideration the demands of different explainers, local specifications, the museum typology, etc.
•    See that the major aspects of the project (the adult public, controversial scientific issues, current scientific research, etc.) are observed when implementing training

The methods

TRACES has developed an evaluative training method that rests on the principles of target-based design, taking the project requirements in terms of learning and intervention to consequentially establish the best variables for assessing the field. A collection of evaluative tools, including assessment questionnaires based on the variables of "interest", "applicability", "enjoyment", "usefulness" and semi-structured interviews, have helped to guide and continuously improve the various training courses.


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