Tell me about your technologies


The project

The project "Tell me about your technologies" develops intergenerational workshops on past and current technology objects in order to enhance everyone’s knowledge. The project hence aims at sharing the collective memory to better enjoy living together. As such, the project is truly at the crossroads of scientific culture and community work. On the one hand, recent or old technological objects are part of our lives, so each one of us owns a piece of knowledge related to science and technology. This knowledge, often implicit and subjected to self-inhibition, is a natural vector for sharing. Exploring the history of technologies is indeed a way to discover the world: each person according to its age, each person holding a little piece of a global knowledge.
On the other hand, if seniors need to better understand current technologies, they are also witnesses of an incarnate history that can help young people to grow. By offering games that forge a supportive link between generations, the project aims to fight against senior isolation and help children develop their awareness on technological evolution.

The targets

1.    Confrontring the way that an intergenerational public perceives technical and technological innovations, their stories, their developments and their societal impacts, with the current work of scientists in this field.
2.    Allowing an intergenerational public to exchange and think about the changing technologies of the twentieth and twenty-first century, and thus our lifestyles.
3.    Breaking the barriers between generations through creative means of exchanging and of valuing knowledge around the evolution of the objects and technologies
4.    Bring together stakeholders from science and technology, audiovisual or gerontological structures, and schools to create positive and creative dynamics between generations and to raise awareness on the fact that the experience of old age is a treasure to share

The methods

•    Workshops to go and meet technology... and other people! The public explores a series of strange objects from different periods, on a defined theme. Whether from the way it works or the memories it evokes, each object is used as a trigger for exchanges between generations.
•    Courses that combine inter-generational dialogue and collective production: they aim at putting the project in a long-term perspective through further exchange between the participants. During the sessions, participants are encouraged to bring their own objects and share their memories. This allows for the realization of a collective production: photo exhibition, video, performance, action in the public space
•    Fiction as a drive for learning

Videos and sounds