The Pierre-Gilles de Gennes science center



The project

Since 2011, Traces has been in charge of managing the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Science Center (ESPGG). A middle ground that provides both a space for entertaining the general public and an innovative laboratory for science communication, the ESPGG offers a unique platform that unites science, culture and society.
It is a free space which encourages mutual exchanges, meetings and reflections between researchers, teachers, journalists, artists, narrators, and those with an interest in sciences and culture.
The work carried out by ESPGG, which aims to be a meeting point for Parisians and the world of science, consists of six components:
•    Temporary arts-sciences exhibitions;
•    Permanent exhibitions for scientific instruments (among which feature the original instruments of Pierre and Marie Curie);
•    Science workshops for children and adults;
•    Seminars, conferences and experimental conferences;
•    Support for science teaching;
•    Scientific events.

The targets

•    To contribute as much as it can to scientific culture
•    To act as a catalyst that enables young people to react and fight against self-censorship regarding science
•    To promote reflection on science and related issues
•    To welcome and encourage innovation in the field of public communication in science
•    To promote the historical and contemporary scientific heritage of ESPCI ParisTech

The methods

The ESPGG supports attractive and dynamic events with its activities and exhibitions, targeted at a wide public. However, it also encourages professionals interested in sceince communication and science-technology-society relations to become users.
If the ESPCI ParisTech is a place to forge tomorrow’s world every day, the ESPGG should be considered a place to voice those thoughts, a place where we hope to make progress in understanding these issues.
The following people have contributed considerably to this project: Anne Arbellini (civil servant), Garance Aubry (employee), Alison Krief (trainee), Anaïs Le, Laurent Kung, Céline Rosset and Pauline du Chatelle (association volunteers).