Young reporters on the environment

EMYR - séminaire EuroMed - Young reporters on the Environment


The project

A three-day international seminar in Haifa, Israel, to share experiences and reflect upon the way we can educate young people about the environment by giving them the role of reporters.
The seminar was organised within the framework of a EuroMed collaboration between Madatech (Israel), SISSA Medialab (Italy), Hisa Eksperimentov (Slovenia) and TRACES.
A journalistic approach is an effective tool when encouraging young people to grasp scientific knowledge and link it to their own experiences and their local environment. Reporting on local stories is a very powerful way to learn and contextualise knowledge.

The targets

•    Share experiences on an international level about the use of journalistic methods to develop science education programmes
•    Develop an environmental education training programme based on a journalistic approach
•    Incorporate young people’s expectations within a pedagogical process

The methods

This international consortium has provided an opportunity for TRACES to offer up its background in public engagement, its contextual experience in the field of scientific journalism (in particular radio based scientific journalism), its reflections on the practice of listening and the empowerment of young people in terms of scientific knowledge, and its understanding of the background of science and society relations.
The seminar has led to the approval and improvement of some of the base values of TRACES’ training, as well as the development of new pathways in training.


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