Théories et Réflexions
sur l'Apprendre, la Communication et l'Éducation Scientifiques

Traces is a think-and-do, non-profit group on science, its communication and its relationship with society. We constantly challenge self-reassuring assumptions about science in the public sphere – starting from our own – applying the systematic criticism typical of the scientific methods. As a platform between the academic, associative and private spheres and in collaboration with many, very diverse partners, Traces aims to create spaces in which to reflect, experiment and innovate in the fields of science in society and public communication of science.

Its three main areas of action – training, consultancy and direct activities in science communication – reinforce each other in a continuous interdisciplinary reflection at the crossroad between exact sciences, arts and humanities, aimed at creating inclusive and empowering spaces for sharing knowledge.

Our values

Since it first began, Traces has campaigned for self-evaluating, responsible and liberating science communication. Its group members therefore share values such as the need for reflection, neutrality when supporting the formation of an opinion, methodological rigor and scientific precision, the importance of listening and dialogue between all those participating, respect and the clarification of ideas, backing up the point of view of citizens and democratic attitudes, the fight against elitism and the promotion of social inclusion.
An ever active campaigner when it comes to pedagogical methods, to science communication approaches and to the understanding of the nature-science-technology-society relationship, Traces strives to support both the construction of opinions and the creation of a healthy and trusting relationship based on scientific and technical knowledge, without excluding any major players in the debate nor employing a participative democratic injunction as a way of silencing controversy.

Our publics

Our activities target a wide range of individuals, all of whom take a keen interest in the public communication of science, whether they be professionals, citizens or young adults. When carrying out their work, research bodies, museums, regional organisations, NGOs, journalists, key players within the field of science, healthcare professionals, teachers and student trainers, European partners and technological enterprises, know they can count on Traces's wide range of activities to fit their needs.