Listening to change



PCST Proceedings

Avril 2012

Listening to change: children as change agents for science in society

The relationship of young people to science and higher education institutions is a very complex one. In the last decades, there has often been a tendency to oversimplify this relationship. For example, the (presumed) disaffection of young people for scientific careers was often reduced to a matter of image, implying that if young people are turning away from science, it is not because they analysed what a scientific career would represent for their future, but because they had a "wrong" image of science. According to this approach, a correction of the public image of science, rather than a concrete change in scientific institutions, is supposed to generate a more positive attitude toward scientific higher education.
One of the actions of the SiS Catalyst project is aimed at identifying ways in which the voice
of young people, and their vision of science as part of their own future, can be at the heart of science in society activities.