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La Bricole Buissonnière

Wednesday June 15, 2022, 2PM to 6PM

Pôle Innovant Lycéen - Cité scolaire François Villon
16 bis Av. Marc Sangnier, 75014 Paris

An event around three major TRACES projects :

Digital at the service of social connection

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Tinkering in Europe: Addressing the Adults
funded by the European Erasmus+ agency 


Technical creativity 2.021
funded by the Région Ile-de-France

The event

What is La Bricole Buissonnière?

A brand new event that combines making and inclusion !

During one afternoon, 11 collectives – fablabs [1], associations, adapted classes, repair workshops, social centers – invite you to tinker, make, discover, tweak, think, imagine, invent !


In the form of workshops, sometimes led by the beneficiaries themselves, you will be able to freely discover projects carried out by the groups present.


Resolutely open to everyone, la Bricole Buissonnière is also there to allow people to meet and discover everyone's talents !


An afternoon of sharing for all around making


During this 1st edition of la Bricole Buissonnière, you will be able to do everything at the same time : disassemble toys, embroider your clothes, make recycled paper, create cyanotypes [2], imagine a musical instrument, repair your bike, assemble birdhouses, and many other things.


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While strolling through the spaces of the Pôle Innovant Lycéen (PIL), meet the collectives present and get your hands dirty to discover the projects they have carried out !

You will also be able to discover and benefit from the resources produced by the projects of the
partners this year, such as the “Tinkering in Europe: addressing the Adults” project
funded by the European Erasmus+ agency.


Valorization of the collectives involved in making and inclusion


La Bricole Buissonnière seeks to create emulation among project leaders and to contribute to the emancipation of the beneficiaries of their actions.


But who exactly are these collectives ?

They are 11: TRACES, the PIL, La Mine, the Florimont association, the Maurice Noguès Social Center, the Jardins Numériques, the FabLab Lorem, the SPIP of Seine et Marne, Solicycle, the MLDS of the Léonard de Vinci High School and La Tréso .

Some of them were already working together, for others it's a first! In any case, all share a strong desire to meet audiences through manipulation and creation activities.


La Bricole Buissonnière was initiated byTRACES, an association which aims to transform scientific culture into a tool for citizen participation and social ties.


* The Pôle Innovant Lycéen (PIL), which welcomes us, is a back-to-school structure offering education adapted to young people who have dropped out of school.


* La Mine is a resource center and a fablab located in Arcueil and Gentilly.


* Florimont welcomes associations, residents and artists to the Château Ouvrier and the Espace Maindron in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.


The Maurice Noguès socio-cultural center is part of the popular education movement and is managed by the Léo Lagrange Nord Île-de-France association.


* Les Jardins Numériques offer digital creation workshops.


* The Lorem fablab is a Parisian digital-oriented fablab located in the Montparnasse district.


* Solicycle is a solidarity bicycle self-repair workshop.

The Service Pénitentiaire d'Insertion et de Probation (SPIP) (Penitentiary Service for Integration and Probation) of Seine-et-Marne is responsible for ensuring the control and follow-up of persons sentenced by the courts.

The Mission de Lutte contre le Décrochage Scolaires (MLDS) (mission to fight against school dropout) aims to prevent school dropouts, facilitate access to diplomas and qualifications for young people in a situation of dropping out and secure training courses.


* The Treso is a place of life and artisanal, culinary and digital production in Malakoff.


[1]Manufacturing places open to all, often equipped with computer-controlled machines.

[2]Old photographic process, which gives prints of cyan blue color.

Téléchargez le programme :

Téléchargez le dossier de presse :

Pôle Innovant Lycéen

16 bis Av. Marc Sangnier, 75014 Paris

From 2PM to 6PM

Free entry and access

PRM access

In practice
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