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Despite their position as major social, economic and political players, industries are often excluded from debates. Yet the empowerment movement, which consists in giving citizens the power to take action and react, can only be truly effective if their voices are heard by players and creators in the field of scientific and technical innovation, namely research institutions and enterprises.
Responsible innovation is facing numerous challenges in terms of ethical governing, in particular within the context of industrial research and development. With the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR), all those participating in technological innovation (shareholders, industrialists, researchers, communities and citizens) are committed to working towards responsible governance, sustainable development and societal engagement.
Given that scientific and technological progress affects our everyday lives and changes tomorrow’s world, and because sociotechnical controversies fuel an ongoing debate about the impact of science on our society, the community of actors involved in science communication is hereby working to give the technological choices of tomorrow back to society whilst striving to promote the place of science in culture.
In this framework, we aim to bring together the groups of people that make up the socioeconomic fabric of different areas: group leaders, SMEs and start-ups, managers in communication and sustainable development in companies, as well as a panel of workers that represent the voice of concerned citizens.
Going straight to the core of the company and training its players in the art of societal dialogue is an excellent way to restore the conditions required to hold healthy and responsible discussions about sociotechnical controversies. We also create spaces for dialogue and show technologically innovative companies the key to understanding and comprehending the stance of non-expert citizens, by exploring the opinions, values and imaginations of all participants.