Awareness in science communication

The project

Whether it be sociotechnical controversy, societal engagement, foreseeing crises, CSR, applying precautionary principles, sustainable development or sensitive communication, Traces gets involved. Engaging in fields as varied as agriculture, nuclear, electromagnetic waves, pharmaceutical or agricultural chemical industries and the arts, Traces participates alongside professional unions, decision makers and communication managers from companies involved in activities that appear in the media or that are linked to science and technology.

Exercising democracy requires society to choose technologies and innovations, given their connection with tomorrow’s world, based on the advantages and risks that they bring but assessed with regard to the values and requirements of the majority. Consequently, citizens are decreasingly inclined to accept scientific, technical and industrial communications designed with the sole purpose of justifying the technological choices imposed upon them without their voices being heard. (Richard-Emmanuel Eastes)

The targets

•    Together with industrialists, shed light on civil society’s perception of science, technology and industry
•    Suggest tools to encourage societal engagement and sensitive communication surrounding sociotechnical controversy
•    Help industrialists to develop their concerns regarding the image of their activity in the endorsement of their responsibility towards society
•    Assist the implementation of internal and/or external communication actions that address current social issues linked to technology developed by the industry

The methods

All of our training courses and conferences are tailored individually to best meet the requirements and needs of our partners.
•    Club Adalia. Round table meeting: the "mediation" of agriculture: Communication for sustainability – Sustainable agriculture, an issue for society. 2012.
•    Groupe Résonnance (Bayer). Training: Mediation for productive and responsible agriculture – Difficulties and strategies. 2011 and 2012.
•    PlasticsEurope. Conference: Understanding sociotechnical controversy and the innovation of precautionary principles – Participative democracy and responsible communication for sustainable industry. 2011.
•    Institut des Sciences de la Communication (CNRS). Conference: Sustainable chemistry: For responsible communication or how to avoid the "image of chemistry" trap. 2011.
•    Union Française du Commerce Chimique (UFCC). Conference: Should we be afraid of chemistry? Sociotechnical controversy and precautionary principles: participative democracy and responsible communication for sustainable chemistry. 2011.
•    …