The project

FUND was a two-year project supported by the European Commission between 2009 and 2011, to stimulate the use of discussion games and other debate formats in European cities for the development of a scientific culture at the local level.

FUND has supported the creation of new discussion formats and games inspired by PlayDecide and their use to address issues and topics that are important at city level; it provided training, support and small subsidies to catalyse collaborations at the city level between networks, organizations and individuals.

The goal of FUND was to faciliate the take-up of participatory methods, exchange experiences and knowledge, and embed them in the ongoing activities of those actors who interface the public with the governance of science: local administrations, museums, universities, networks, associations, community groups, NGOs, public/private research organizations etc.

The targets

•    Develop scientific citizenship
•    Enhance the quality and scope of discussion games in science and society issues
•    Link science communication and policy making at local level

The methods

Traces had a consulting role in this project for the organisation of training workshops, including the first workshop on discussion games and their role in science communication, that happened in Paris on February 14, 2011.