SiS Catalyst


The project

In 2011, the Center for Educational Opportunities of the University of Liverpool brought together a consortium of experts from around the world on the issue of the children-science-society dialogue. SiS-Catalyst, Children as Change Agents for Science in Society combines science communication approaches with those of equal opportunities. This four-year project is funded by the "Science and Society" component of the European Commission’s 7th framework programme. Traces acts as a driving force within the project, as both a leading member and in its managing role in developing the conditions of a dialogue with young people.

The targets

•    To answer the following question: how can the voice of young people in science communication activities lead to institutional changes?
•    To establish the specific conditions required to stimulate the engagement of young people and to take their opinions into account in science and society activities. To publicise the knowledge that emerges and best practices that are identified within this dialogue.

The methods

Traces has developed a multi-layered programme. The first stage consisted of interviews with a panel of creators, organisers and mediators specialising in science activities for young people. Traces also conducted bibliographic research and workshops that focus on listening to the voice of young people. The second phase aims to spread the knowledge that emerges from these activities with European-wide training programmes, the development of a guide suggesting specific methods, as well as the publication of articles and participation in a number of conferences.

EU, FP7.