Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated


The project

Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated (TEMI) is a mass teacher training project on enquiry based learning led within the "Science in Society" component from the European Commission’s 7th framework programme. Within this project, Traces is in charge of the internal assessment of trainings offered to teachers.

The targets

•    To transform teaching practices on a European scale
•    To ensure the generic use of enquiry based learning and to make it more accessible

The methods

TEMI provides teachers with the tools and new resources necessary to enable them to grasp enquiry based learning and to implement it in their class. The project focuses particularly on the use of "mysteries"; phenomena or events that provoke the perception of suspense and wonder in the learner to initiate an emotionally-laden "want to know"-feeling which leads to a raise in curiosity and which initiates the posing of questions to be answered by inquiry and problem-solving activities.

EU, FP7.

Our team