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Our trainings


L'École de la Médiation (School of Mediation) is a multi-partner project coordinated by Universcience, and of which the TRACES association is a part. It develops a continuing education offer for professionals in cultural and scientific mediation in France, it monitors business practices and promotes the profession.


The École de la Médiation revolves around 3 operational axes of development :

1. A laboratory of ideas which develops the content of future training courses and arranges the necessary places for their operation.

2. A training center that sets up the training offer and trains trainers.

3. An observatory that studies the practices of scientific mediation professions and follows developments and innovations in the world.


Among the training offer that the École de la Médiation offers to mediators, science communication professionals and facilitators of structures welcoming the public, the TRACES association is strongly involved in the conception and animation of several of them, in particular :

Innovate in our mediation practices

Involving audiences in mediation through participatory approaches

Promoting diversity and equality : social inclusion in scientific and cultural mediation


Diplôme Universitaire de médiation scientifique (University degree in scientific mediation)

University degree course focused on emerging/innovative scientific and technical culture dissemination systems. 110 hours of lessons spread over 60 consecutive days. This DU is open in initial training as well as in continuing training. It is intended for the following audiences : students with scientific training, teachers professionally concerned with scientific and technical culture professions, researchers who devote a significant part of their activity to scientific and technical culture.


Among the topics covered in this training : museology, radio journalism, public-facing mediation, scientific and technical culture on the web, socio-technical controversies.


Training for research professionals

The training offer in mediation and scientific communication is also aimed at doctoral students, researchers and research professionals.
We offer traditional training modules, aimed at transmitting the fundamental skills to properly conceive and carry out communication actions, both within the scientific community and to external audiences. 

We also offer modules aimed at understanding the challenges of open science, responsible research and innovation, science in culture, and more generally modules for understanding and controlling the societal impacts of research.
Indeed, we believe that to properly interpret the role of research in our contemporary society, it is no longer sufficient for a researcher to learn to speak well to the public : it is also important to know how to listen well to the public.

Our training, in French or in English, have been offered to various universities, research organizations and companies, such as ENS Lyon, ESPCI Paris, Université PSL, Université de Paris, or AXA Research Fund.

Some recent examples of our trainings :

DIM Ile de France laboratories masterclass (1h30);

*Training for ESPCI – COFUND doctoral students “ UPtoPARIS ” (8h);

“ Science in culture ” course, AIV Master – CRI Paris – University of Paris (32h).



The TRACES association offers tailor-made trainings for professionals in the field of animation, mediation and communication of science and digital technology, by making it possible to feed, strengthen and develop the practices and skills of each one, depending on their needs.


We thus develop tailor-made training, intended for a structure, a network of partners or an institution, wishing to bring together its teams and its members around a theme or a practice, allowing everything both to strengthen skills, but also to stimulate an exchange, a dialogue or a new axis of development, between peers.


We lead training in mediation and science experimentation, aimed at facilitators of a municipality or a media library wishing to develop this axis in their programming. We work with science mediation networks around issues of including all audiences in their activities. We offer introductions to technical creativity with teams wishing to lead this type of workshop, independently.


If you want to set up tailor-made training for your teams, your colleagues and your partners, do not hesitate to contact us!

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