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Technical creativity workshops
Technical creativity workshops
Tinkering workshops open to all

Inspired by the activities carried out at the "Tinkering studio" of the San Francisco Exploratorium and the PI Institute, the Technical Creativity Workshops allow everyone (ages 6 to 126!) to tinker, tweak, patch up, create using varied material but always very simple. Goals : fly a machine made from non-flying objects, or build a machine that can scribble on its own...

The exercise of creativity lies on the border between technical performance and artistic creation : it is up to the participants to decide where to stand, while understanding on the one hand that science is a creative act, and on the other hand that art feeds on knowledge and produces knowledge.

The public freely creates their machine, on the principle of their choice and ends up achieving the goal by successive trials : in the meantime, they will have gained confidence in their ability to solve technical problems, to interact with the material world and therefore, why not, in their ability to influence and change it.


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