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Tell me about your technologies
Tell me about your technologies
Intergenerational workshops around technological objects

The "Tell me about your technologies" project develops intergenerational workshops around present or past technological objects in order to enhance everyone's knowledge. The project thus aims to share the collective memory in order to live better together. The project is therefore part of both scientific culture and social action. On the one hand, recent or old technological objects are anchored in our lives, we all have a culture linked to science. This culture, often implicit and self-censored, is a natural vector for sharing.

Exploring the history of technologies is thus a way of discovering oneself, each according to his or her age, as bearers of knowledge. On the other hand, if seniors need to better understand current technologies, they are also witnesses to an embodied history that can help young people to build themselves. By offering meetings that weave a bond of solidarity between generations, the project aims to fight against the isolation of seniors and help young people put their knowledge into perspective.


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