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Evaluations and comparative studies

TRACES is also an offer of advice to research organizations, science museums, communities, NGOs and companies who wish to evaluate their programs, their practices and the achievement of their institutional objectives. 

We continuously and internally evaluate our own programs and are currently in charge of evaluating several scientific culture projects at a local, regional and national level (eg Questions de Sciences, Enjeux Citoyens² — Région Ile de France; Cerveau et Addiction exhibition — Région Nouvelle Aquitaine ; The European Researchers' Night — national programm).



With the emergence of new cultural practices such as web 2.0 or crowdfunding, the public wants to be involved right from the design phase of the cultural projects they practice.


The involvement of visitors in an exhibition project strengthens the links between the public and the institution, allows for mutual enrichment and facilitates the dissemination of knowledge. At the ESPGG, we experience this involvement through co-construction, participation or even the design of exploration-exhibition.



Through exhibitions like Trajectoires, or even Science Frugale, we collaborate with the general public from the design stage, in the process of creating content and visitor arrangements.



Beyond an interactive manipulation or a simple consultation, we have the audacity of an exhibition where the participation of the public during its visit is inseparable from the content of the exhibition.



This format combines events and visits to enrich and punctuate the exhibition. It then takes on an organic form, it grows, changes and evolves to explore its theme ever further with the public.


Our experience and skills are at your service :

For the exhibition

  • Scientific exhibition curator,

  • Mediation and writing of scientific content,

  • Museographic project management,

  • Advice on participation and co-construction tools


Around the exhibition

  • Cultural programming

  • Audience research


Exit the classic conferences with a solitary expert in front of a silent audience!


TRACES offers innovative formats of cross-disciplinary events that are enriching both for the public and for the speakers, by favoring exchange and dialogue between all the participants. This participation thus allows everyone to question themselves in their professional and personal practices and to broaden the understanding of the context and the challenges of the theme chosen by the organizers.


TRACES adapts to your constraints to design and animate these highlights, and uses the tools of mediation and scientific events at the service of these events.


Examples of events organized by the association:

- Coordination of the European Researchers' Night in Paris since 2012

Annual program at the Espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes  

- Design and animation of the Grandstands of the Museum "Vivre avec les risques", "Une planète, une santé", "Plastiques, l'overdose ?", "Histoire naturelle de la violence", "Planète en tension" and "Aux origines du genre" with the National Museum of Natural History

- Animation of round tables, science cafés, discussion game evenings, etc.


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